Dorit Danin Kanias is the owner of Dorit Kanias Tourism.  Dorit has been in the tourism business for over 20 years.  She is a licensed Tour Guide from the Ministry of Tourism and is also certified to drive tourists around the country.  Dorit speaks English and Hebrew
Dorit is an expert at planning and creating tours all over Israel.  These tours are designed with each individual tourist in mind.  For many years Dorit has dealt with organizing groups of families, individuals, VIPs and company employee tours.  The purpose of these tours has been for holidays, company orientations, celebrations like Bar/Bat Mitzvas and, of course, just for fun
Dorit guides and gives tours all over Israel, to its most extraordinary places and sites - for example, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Tzfat,  and more beautiful places around Israel.  She has given tours related to the history of Israel, Judaism, Christianity and Islam 
Dorit was born on Moshav Ora.  Her love of nature, the history of Israel, its people, the spectacular places and views in the country encouraged her to become involved in tourism and to ultimately become a certified, licensed tour guide
Over the years Dorit has gained more and more experience and knowledge which is expressed in her stories and tours about the land of Israel – its beauty, its passion and its uniqueness
You can contact Dorit for personal advice about your special tour, planning the perfect journey just for you.  Most important to Dorit is that you get the best experience when you visit Israel 
טלפון:  054-2276210 (+972) |   E-mail -